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Want to go to the USA but confused about which major cities to go?

Or perhaps you have an idea of where to go, but you're unsure how long is needed for you to get a good introduction to the place, how do you get around as a solo traveler, what are the Muslim-friendly must-sees, and what more, how do you work out where to eat HALAL food?

Or maybe you want to tackle a couple of Major USA cities in one go as a solo traveler but are not sure how to work out the practicalities in routes, the time needed in each places, and budget!

Or, you have been dreaming of visiting America's major cities but are not sure where to go, and what to expect.

Or, you have been wanting to travel to the major cities in USA, but simply have NO TIME to research! The country has 50 states and is as big as a continent, making research feels like a chore!

If any of these is you, you'll want this planner!

👉🏼 SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED for the Muslim Solo Travelers 🧕 (also suitable for families and couples), this Itinerary Planner has done the research for you so all that's left to do is just to DISCOVER THE BEST of SIX USA Major Cities with the LEAST amount of EFFORT.


  • Concise destination pages covering SIX (6) Major USA 🇺🇸 cities of New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
  • Each destination is broken down into SPECIFIC and SIMPLE Itinerary suggestions that is TAILORED to the NEEDS of Muslim Solo Travelers (Halal Food 🍔 and Nearest Mosques 🕌 included, with sightseeing and activities that are solo-friendly) Regardless, families, and couples can also use the advice inside!
  • MIX and MATCH itinerary 📆 suggestions with different time frames to suit your needs and schedule.
  • Muslim Solo Travel-tested ADVICE on moving around, budget, safety, accommodation suited to your budget and all the must-know details before visiting


  • 27+ pages of COMPREHENSIVE ITINERARY PLANNER 📒 covering SIX (6) Major USA 🇺🇸 cities of New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles & practicalities and advice on traveling solo as a Muslim.
  • ⭐️ BONUS #1 ⭐️ Packing List so you won't forget anything
  • ⭐️ BONUS #2 ⭐️ Preparation Checklist to help make your trip A LOT EASIER. It ensures you'll be fully prepared for the trip, with a list of "what to do" before the trip.



"The itinerary was detailed and thorough! It covers everything! I’m really appreciative of the fact that halal food options are mentioned. I love the ease of customizing my itinerary — I can pick and choose the places I want to see. This solo-traveler itinerary gives you an idea of how much time would be ideal for each destination and that’s a huge help when you have limited time and have to pick and choose places. It nicely outlines the routes and amount of time it would take to get to a certain destination by various means of transportation; the mention of different hotels in each luxury and budget categories which helps you map your finances for the trip. I especially enjoy the little introduction given on each city and attraction — again a big help with trying to narrow down and finalize your list of must-sees. Not to mention, it’s such a time saver when you don’t have to research all that on your own!" -- Maria Iqbal (@thealmostnomad), Pakistani-Canadian based in Saudi

"Farihah’s guide to big cities in America is a must-have for Muslim solo travelers (and families)! She’s done extensive research into putting this travel plan together, taking great care to show the Muslim traveler how to enjoy multiple big cities in the US while keeping it safe and halal! I love this guide so much because of all the resources provided as well as the different itineraries that can be mixed and matched, reducing the time and mental effort it takes to plan a Muslim-friendly trip" -- Marz (@exploringhijabie) from Canada.


Salam, I'm Farihah from Muslim Solo Travel. A couple of things about me:

  • I traveled solo for a month to the US in 2019, creating my itinerary from scratch because I couldn't find travel advice suited to my needs as a Muslim woman who solo travel. What you'll get here is the ENHANCED version of my itinerary, suitable for today's travel climate.
  • I worked as a travel journalist full-time before starting Hence, this planner is designed from the eyes and knowledge of (1) a Muslim woman who loves traveling solo and also someone who sees the world from the eyes of a (2) trained travel professional.

FAQs on the digital product:

But what if I'm not traveling to the US anytime soon?

Never say never! Your trip may end up happening sooner than you think!

Plus, even if you're not, having this itinerary planner gives you a realistic idea of how you can prepare for your future trip and work it out within your needs -- budget, time and activities that you enjoy most.

If you went to the U.S. in 2019, how is this itinerary still relevant today?

Not to worry. I’ve cross-checked my 2019 itinerary with the attractions there today and re-created a newer version of the itinerary to match the current travel scenario. 98% of the attractions included are timeless attractions (meaning: the activity/building will still be there next year unless there’s a natural disaster).

So, you’re guaranteed this itinerary is updated with the current travel climate.

Is this refundable?

Due to the nature of this product, all purchases are not refundable

What is the difference between the planner and the information on the website?

While the website has a lot of great information on these USA cities, it doesn’t offer a detailed itinerary that includes specific Halal recommendations and suggestions on your faith-based needs; the ideal time to spend in one city; specific accommodation tailored to your budget, transportation routes and mix-and-match itineraries for you to customize according to your schedule and needs.

What makes this planner different?

This planner caters specifically to the needs of Muslim women who solo travel and do not want to worry about inaccessible attractions, public transport and the grunt work of itinerary planning.

How will this save me time?

Well, you do not have to research while commuting in the bus, or before the trip and cross-check multiple websites. This planner will just let you use up your travel time for all the fun parts of traveling!

If I have any questions or concerns, can I contact you?

Of course! Email me anytime via

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USA Major Cities Itinerary Planner

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